From authoring platforms to data vendors to fintech research platforms, Aiera offers financial event intel across a variety of channels.

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Who we work with

Interop Platforms

Aiera's event tooling as part of your interop dashboard

- Solving the multi-screen problem faced by analysts & PMs
- Connect events with your watchlists and RMS on one screen
- FDC3-compliant for seamless connection between tools logoSS&C Eze Eclipse logo
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Research & Authoring

Aiera's event tooling within sell side research authoring

- Aiera's tooling natively integrated with authoring tools
- Easily craft an earnings note while an event unfolds
- Add a layer of audio & multimedia to research reports


Investor events within the full research picture in your RMS

- Taking notes during earnings calls is easy within VerityRMS
- Consume past, live, and upcoming company events in the RMS
- Which can be embedded in company Tearsheets & Dashboards
- Streamlining the connection between research and content

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Event Hosts

Direct relationships with the event hosts themselves

- Partnering with of host providers of investor events
- Resulting in an even higher connection rate into events
- Aiera's live transcription exists natively within the host event
- Plus summarization and Q&A for events within experience

Data Partners

Making Aiera even more content-rich with data

- Supplementing Aiera's event experience with relevant info
- Tonal sentiment analysis and scoring provided by Helios
- Translated Asian event transcripts provided by Scripts Asia
- Stock price data and relevant metrics provided by Intrinio

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Static, text-based quotes and citations are a thing of the past.

Seamlessly share & embed text + audio from an event’s transcript, directly in your content.

Transcrippets™ allow users to showcase notable excerpts from investor events, and embed them directly within any new content they create, with corresponding point-in-time price movement.

- Embedded text excerpt from any transcript
- Corresponding audio clip aligned with the excerpt
- Speaker name, role, and relevant event details

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