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13,000+ global equities
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97% transcription accuracy

Aiera's available API data feeds

Live Transcription

Delivering real time raw event transcript text and metadata

Including real time linguistic extractions such as detected entities, primary/secondary topics, sentiment scores, and much more.

Coverage & History:

- From June 2019
- 149,985 events over 10,237 equities

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live transcription API
Q&A pairings API


AI-generated summaries of all events covered by Aiera

View quick and digestible explanations of the most pertinent details from any event, available moments after the event ends.

Coverage & History:

- All events and equities since January 2022
- All of S&P 500 since January 2018

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Event summarization API
Topic extraction API

Stream Matches

Define saved searches, and pull data programmatically

Data available for stream matching is subject to all available filters and scoping parameters within the Aiera UI, dictated by the user.

Coverage & History:

- Transcripts: From June 2017
- Filings: From January 2017
- News: From December 2017

Stream matches API
Event calendar data API

Event Calendar Data

Calendar details & info on corporate communications

Covers a leading breadth of global earnings calls, conference presentations, shareholder meetings, and much more.

Coverage & History:

- Calendar data from 2004 (and growing)
- 8,234 equities (and growing) including all of Russell 3000

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Public Corporate Activity

Feed of corporate activities made by a public company

Details & metadata includes event type (preliminary results, sustainability reports, etc.), date, tagged equity, and much more.

Coverage & History:

- Calendar data from 2004 (and growing)
- 10,753 active companies
- 15,429 total companies (includes delisted)

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Public corporate activity API
Corporate activity audit trail API

Audit Trail - Corporate Activity

Historical audit data if an event is canceled or altered

Point-in-time data set which enables customers to check how internal trading systems would have reacted. Includes delisted/dormant companies (no survivor bias).

Coverage & History:

- From January 2013
- 10,753 active companies
- 15,429 total companies (includes delisted)

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Sentiment Analysis

Analyze an event's nuances with text + tone sentiment

Financial sentiment scoring on all events and historical tonal data. Identify discrepancies such as positive text but negative tone.

Coverage & History:

- From January 2017
- 214,256 events over 10,738 equities

Textual and tonal sentiment analysis API

Power your firm's quant strategies with Aiera's API data offerings.


OpenAI + Aiera

ChatGPT powered by Aiera's underlying event data.

Whether you're a firm looking to build and deploy your own AI tools, or seeking something more turn-key, Aiera now delivers the ability to:

- Generate event summaries & highlights
- Build a scoped SWOT analysis
- Compare across historical earnings calls
- Identify price reactions during an event
- Handle unstructured Q&A

2 ways to utilize Aiera + OpenAI:

1. Out-of-the-box AieraGPT: Try It Now ->
2. Build your own Aiera+OpenAI Assistant: Learn How ->

Aiera OpenAI ChatGPT Assistant

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