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The most accurate and comprehensive solution to distill streaming events and real time data into effective insights

All across 45,000+ events per year and 13,000+ global equities

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Key features

Efficiency and insights across earnings calls, conference presentations, regulatory and macro events, SEC filings, imported documents, and more.

Live Streaming

One-click access to every event in your watchlist. No more dialing in, sitting on hold, or entering PIN #s.

Real Time Transcription

Follow along with truly live transcription of every event, with less than 0.5s delay and 97% accuracy.

Live Audio Controls

Pause, rewind, and change playback speed during LIVE events while they happen - Like DVR.

Side-By-Side Streaming

Stream concurrent events simultaneously & search across them so you never have to pick and choose.


Search within and across transcripts, and save those search terms to track trends over time, with alerts for new matches.


Cliff Notes-style recaps of every event, available moments after it ends, segmented by prepared remarks and Q&A.

AI-Powered Analytics

Automatically surface relevant insights across events, such as topic extraction, price tracking, and sentiment analysis.

Import & Export

Transcribe your own audio, upload personal docs for indexing, or export event-focused data for further analysis.

Flexible Delivery Methods

Suited to fit any institutional firm

Aiera dashboard mobile app api data and components
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Dashboard - Desktop & Mobile App

Powerful and intuitive interface providing real time access and insights to the market-moving events that matter most. Simply press play on any event to listen live, follow real time speech-to-text transcription, search across transcripts, track price movement, and analyze topical trends over time.

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Aiera dashboard mobile app api data and components
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API - Data Feeds

Aiera's universe of investor event data, delivered via API to power your firm's quant strategies. These programmatic feeds deliver live event transcription, historical and forward-looking event calendar data, extracted topics and sentiment, summaries, a corporate activity audit trail, and much more.

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Aiera dashboard mobile app api data and components
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Components - Native Integrations

Aiera's live event tooling and full functionality, seamlessly integrated into your firm's internal system or RMS. Experience live and published events, real time transcription, interactive audio controls, and Aiera's full event calendar - Natively embedded into your environment with just a few lines of code.

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Event Coverage

All underpinned by Aiera's leading coverage of global equities and market-moving investor events

Global equities
Event connections
Years of event
transcript history
earnings calls
sell side conferences
macro and regulatory events
Events per year
Transcription accuracy
Years of event
calendar history
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Aiera thematic trend analysis over time
Aiera event player for earnings calls

Who we serve

Buy Side

- Multi-strat funds
- Quant strategies
- Activist funds
- Thematic ETFs

Sell Side

- Equity research
- Specialty sales
- Capital markets
- Fintech platforms


- Investor relations
- Corp. strategy
- Competitive intel
- Sales & intent data

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Customer-Centric Tooling and Benefits
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The Only Truly Live Solution
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Easy-To-Use Interface
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Leading Coverage of Events
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Flexible Delivery Methods

Read what our users have to say about Aiera

Author Image
Director of Research
Multi-Strat Hedge Fund

"Aiera is really a great platform. Having all these calls/webcasts show up automatically on my calendar is such a huge time saver, and having all the broadcasts on one platform is allowing us to gain so much more info on our companies so much more quickly."

Author Image
Head of Equity Research
Global Sell Side Firm

"I consider Aiera to be an absolute mandate for me and my team’s operations. Aiera has saved me more times than I can count, especially during earnings season, as I’m able to read live transcripts when I have multiple calls happening at once and not miss management remarks or show up to Q&A unprepared."

Author Image
Analyst, Semiconductors
Bulge Bracket Firm

"I just want to say how much I love the sell-side conference dashboards, as I can easily track them all in one place. And the calendar function saves me so much time by automatically syncing.”

Author Image
Founder & CEO
IR Consulting Firm

"Aiera helps my clients perform truly smart Q&A analysis - Easily knowing what's top of mind, what key themes will likely be, and quickly leveraging data to drive the Q&A prep process. And with Aiera's financial KPI data, I can marry these qualitative themes with the high-fidelity financial metrics that matter to all of my CFOs."

Never miss another critical event or insight again.

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