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Trusted by 150+ top global institutions.

The Aiera platform was built to aid financially-focused professionals at every level.

Don’t take our word for it.

I consider Aiera to be an absolute mandate for me and my team’s operations. Aiera has saved me more times than I can count, as I’m able to read live transcripts when I have 3 calls at once and not miss management remarks or show up to Q&A unprepared.

Sarah Hindlian-Bowler RBC Headshot for Aiera Testimonial

Sarah Hindlian-Bowler

Former Head of Technology Research - Americas, Macquarie

Aiera features

Never miss another critical event or insight.

Explore the most content-rich live earnings call transcription platform, trusted by countless top hedge funds, banks, and corporates. Tour Aiera below.

Access live earnings calls & investor events with 1 click.

  • Just press play to stream live investor events, no dialing in

  • Listen like DVR - Pause, rewind, or change listening speed

  • Multitask - Stream & transcribe multiple calls side-by-side

  • Sync your personal calendar so you never miss an event

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earnings call live stream

Never ask again "Wait..... What did they just say?"

  • Truly live (< 1 second delay) speech-to-text transcription

  • Finance-first ASR model with 99% transcription accuracy

  • Easily search for & jump to key mentions in the transcript

  • Track price spikes/drops to statements made during event

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Live earnings call transcription

Cut through the noise & extract deeper insights.

  • Identify uncertainty with textual + tonal sentiment deviation

  • Surface top event themes with AI-powered topic extraction

  • Take notes within events and easily share them with peers

  • Sort notes by equity/theme, and export to PDF or Word

Open Sample Event
earnings call transcription notes and highlights

Automate your personal meeting notes with ease.

  • Transcribe personal meetings & calls with Aiera’s NLP tech

  • Share meeting transcripts with absent colleagues

  • Automatically send transcripts to compliance (if needed)

  • Filter meeting transcripts by custom tags and equities

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Aiera Custom Call Transcription Meeting Notes

Distill a universe of data into smart, digestible feeds.

  • Start your day with top relevant news across your Watchlist

  • Gain clarity across events, news, filings, and corp. actions

  • Configure Monitors to surface only the info you must know

  • Set real-time alerts for any critical activity in your Watchlist

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Aiera Market Monitors and Dashboards
Aiera API Feeds

Aiera’s leading event data, delivered via API.

Power your firm's research with Aiera's APIs: The most accurate & comprehensive solution to distill investor events & real time data into effective insights.

Corporate events, delivered and transcribed in real time.

  • Raw transcript text & metadata, with linguistic extractions

  • Financially-trained transcription model with 97% accuracy

  • Delivered via API while the event is happening LIVE

  • Coverage: From June 2019 | 74,000+ events

View Sample: Transcripts
live transcription api

Calendar data that builds more contextual awareness.

  • Details on upcoming and historical issuer communications

  • Future events sourced 2-3 months in advance (or more)

  • Audit trail on whether events have been canceled/altered

  • Coverage since 2004 | 8,000+ equities (includes delisted)

View Event Coverage
event calendar api aiera

Surface event-focused insights as they happen.

  • Topic extraction: Key themes discussed within events

  • Q&A pairings: View analysts' questions & speaker details

  • Sentiment analysis: Textual + tonal scores across events

  • Coverage from January 2017 | 8,000+ global equities

View Sample: Topics
advanced analytics api aiera

TL;DR - Quickly get up to speed on corporate events.

  • Real time, AI-generated summaries of all investor events

  • Summaries segmented by prepared remarks and Q&A

  • Financially-trained summarization model on 250k+ events

  • Coverage: All of S&P 500 since January 2018

View Sample: G.S. Conference
summarization api aiera

Interrogate corporate events with Aiera’s real time data.

  • Chat-based interface to surface insights across events

  • A seamless way to implement LLMs into workflows

  • Out-of-the-box solution: AieraGPT - View in Marketplace

  • Build-your-own Aiera + OpenAI Assistant - Learn How

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aiera openai integration api

Aiera Components

Add live event components to your firm’s internal system, RMS, or external website in minutes. With Aiera’s Components, firms can integrate Aiera’s leading event tooling directly into their environment - all with just a few lines of code.

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Learn about
  • Live Event Access & Transcription
  • DVR-Style Live Audio Controls
  • Historical Transcript Library & Search
  • Side-By-Side Transcription with Aieracast
  • Single Stock Summary Dashboards
  • Sentiment Analysis - Textual and Tonal
  • Alerts for Price Reactions & Schedule Changes
  • Global Search Across Transcripts, News, and Filings
  • Topic Monitors - Build & Configure Your Own
  • Custom Call Recording & Transcription
  • And So Much More...

Keep up with all things Aiera.

Why aiera?

[Product] Aiera Launches OpenAI Integrations

With step-by-step instructions for financial institutions to build their own AI Assistant, or use AieraGPT out of the box.

[Product] Aiera Now Covers Macro & Regulatory Events

This expansion widens Aiera's event coverage universe, and now includes FDA, EPA, FOMC, central banking, and more.

[Read Tear Sheet] The Leading Platform for Financial Event Intel

Aiera provides the most accurate and comprehensive solution to distill streaming events and real-time data into effective insights, with flexible delivery methods suited to fit any institutional firm. Read the Aiera tear sheet.

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