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Never Miss Another
Critical Event or Insight. Ever.

Give Yourself an Information Advantage

Connect directly to earnings calls and other investor events with live transcription and event intelligence. Customize your company watchlists and dashboard monitors to track key events, media mentions, related filings, and more; all within an easy-to-use, customizable interface. What will you do armed with better insights, sooner?

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Eliminate Hassle

Bypass the Tedious
Process of Connecting
To Earnings Calls

  • No more conference ID numbers
  • No more sitting on hold
  • No more missing key statements

Just press play and you're in

Automate Notetaking

Follow Along in Real
Time to All Public
Companies' Events

  • Manage multiple live events in parallel
  • Eliminate the need for note-taking
  • Follow Earnings calls, Industry Conferences, Webcasts & more...

Discover What Matters Most

Monitor Topical
Mentions Across
Datasets in Real Time

Populate custom dashboards or expand on our own to keep up with various changing landscapes. Topics of interest can include:

  • Signs of Macro Weakness
  • F/X Headwinds
  • Tariff Impacts
  • CPC Pricing Strength
  • Coronavirus
  • And so much more

Elevate Your Own Meetings

Record, Transcribe
and Analyze Your Own
Meetings and Events

Create 'custom events' with expert-
level transcription that can be shared
within a user's organization.

Compare Financials

Use Highlights &
Differentials to Easily
Compare Management

Run quick comparisons on terms referenced in management remarks from:

  • Past references made
  • Media mentions
  • Filings
  • Broker research
  • And so much more

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an information advantage?
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Meet The Team

Ken Sena

Co-Founder, CEO

Bryan Healey

Co-Founder, CTO

Chad Doerge

President, CRO

Elliot Nash

VP, Product Development

Conor McDade


Jason Horman

Chief Architect

Catherine Harrison

VP, Business Development

Kevin LaFlamme

Director of Engineering, Frontend

Michael Michaelevich

Senior Software Engineer

Jonathan Blum

Lead Software Engineer

Claire O'Callaghan

Customer Growth Specialist

Dylan Ade

Director, Sales

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