You to the
power of A.I.

Aiera is an AI-driven research platform that applies deep learning to active investing.

Not just AI,
explainable AI.

Aiera is different because like a human, it comprehends context. Aiera consumes all publicly available data, distills it into core ideas and, most importantly, tells you why it matters.

Aiera has
no life.
So you can
have yours

If you could consume every piece of data available, you wouldn’t need Aiera. Until then, let Aiera do it for you. Aiera works inhumane hours so you no longer have to.

Aiera is a digital colleague that works nights and weekends, 24/7. Aiera supports analysts, PMs, traders, data scientists, and other key decision makers. Aiera supports your team by working for you full-time where Aiera never needs to sleep and never takes a day off.

A data

at your fingertips.

Aiera makes it easy to see decision-making information at a glance. Aiera brings higher volume, shorter duration signaling together with lower volume, longer duration fundamental and other approaches using advanced deep learning.

Make it
your own.

Aiera is a private, secured platform that can be fed custom data sets. Steer Aiera in the direction you care about. Either as a user or as a data science administrator.