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The leading earnings transcription & monitoring platform, empowering fundamental investing & corporate finance.


The Aiera Team

Aiera was founded by a team of Wall Street and tech veterans all-too-familiar with the pain points of managing a financial data firehose, where previous solutions tended to be awkward, suffered from disjointed data silos, and lacked usability.

Ken Sena headshot Founder CEO Aiera

Ken Sena

Co-Founder & CEO

Bryan Healey headshot Founder CTO Aiera

Bryan Healey

Co-Founder & CTO

Chad Doerge headshot President CRO Aiera

Chad Doerge

President & CRO

Conor McDade headshot CFO COO Aiera

Conor McDade


Catherine Culp headshot Chief Customer Officer Aiera

Catherine Culp

Chief Customer Officer

Elliot Nash headshot VP of Product Aiera

Elliot Nash

VP of Product Development

Maribeth Martorana, CFA

SVP, Product Strategy & Partnerships

Kieran Black

Technical Director, Event Operations

James Setzer

VP of Marketing

Advisors, Venture, and Strategic Partners

Logan Allin headshot Fin Capital

Logan Allin

Founder & GP, Fin Capital

Venture Partner
Chip Hazard headshot Flybridge Capital

Chip Hazard

General Partner, Flybridge

Venture Partner
Diane Schumaker-Krieg headshot Blackrock Trust

Diane Schumaker-Krieg

Board Member, Blackrock Trust

Independent Advisor
Gavin Skinner headshot Citi

Gavin Skinner

COO of Global Research, Citi

Strategic Advisor
Neil Ramsey headshot Ramsey Financial Inc.

Neil Ramsey

Founder, Ramsey Financial Inc.

Strategic Advisor
Matthew Mann headshot Fin Capital

Matthew Mann

Head of Corporate Development, Fin Capital

Venture Partner
Siris Singh headshot Citi

Siris Singh

Director, Strategic Investments, Citi

Strategic Advisor
Eric Lebovich headshot Point72

Eric Lebovich

Sr. Product Manager, Point72

Evan Macmillan headshot Gridspace

Evan Macmillan

Co-Founder & CEO, Gridspace


We're hiring!

We are always looking to expand our team of highly capable professionals. Email us your resume along with your areas of expertise and any other relevant information and attachments. Aiera is currently accepting and reviewing resumes in the following areas:

- Sales
- Marketing
- Customer Success
- Development (Full Stack)

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