Introducing the world's first A.I. Equity Research Analyst platform.

Aiera is an unsupervised real-time full-featured analysis and predictive platform that uses deep learning and advanced linguistics to extract market consensus and subtle predictive signals from enormous amounts of unstructured data. This includes the full body of publicly accessible information; social media, news, earnings transcripts, SEC filings, video feeds, and beyond.

How does Aiera work?

Aiera is a hybrid of human insights and analytics of sentiment to increase the quality, depth, accuracy, accessibility, and personalization of your existing financial tools and research.


Using media sentiment and narrative, fundamental and technical factors, and macro factors to predict market price movement with deep learning.


Use those predictions as inverted inputs to determine what topics, fundamentals, and other factors are most important to future market price movements.


Use that derived predictive insight to generate human-readable market analysis that is private and personalized for each of its users.

Aiera Select Features

PROPRIETARY ANALYTICSAnalysis and forecasts based on a proprietary ensemble of multi-tiered models, leveraging deep learning technology to generate predictive insight

PROACTIVE & INTERACTIVEAiera uses real-time alerts and offers direct chat and voice interaction to provide you with up-to-date analysis, becoming a personalized and private investment tool for all users.

THE AIERA TOOLKITAiera implements tier one/professional-grade exploratory and analytical tools, all made available on web, mobile, and by voice and text.

DEVELOPERSOffering easy, unlimited, full-featured, real-time access to all content by API, including forecasts and extracts

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The Aiera Team.

Aiera is founded by an Alexa team leader at Amazon and a leading global internet research analyst with a concentrated focus on emerging AI technologies.

Bryan Healey

Founder / Chief Technology Officer

Bryan is the current CTO of Aiera. He was previously at Amazon, where he led multiple teams in pioneering the Alexa organization, building a large-scale data management platform and automated model building systems for speech and language teams. Before Amazon, Healey held multiple engineering and leadership roles at growing start-ups and mid-sized businesses in the Boston Metro area. Healey frequently writes, speaks, and teaches about machine learning, artificial intelligence, and entrepreneurship, and often advises local start-ups. Healey studied Computer Science at Northeastern University before going on to attain an MBA from Norwich University.

Ken Sena


Ken heads global internet research for Wells Fargo Securities where he joined after running global internet for Evercore ISI. Prior to joining Evercore in 2010, Ken was at Credit Suisse and Bear Stearns. This followed eight years of experience working in a number of digital and corporate strategy roles at MTV Networks and Time Inc. In 1999, he started his career as an Investment Banking analyst for Salomon Smith Barney. Ken graduated magna cum laude from University of Pennsylvania where he received BSE and BA degrees from the University's Wharton School and the School of Arts & Sciences. Ken is originally from Northern California and lives currently in New York.

Chad Doerge

President / Chief Revenue Officer

Recently serving as the Chief Revenue Officer of digital intelligence firm, Tomahawk, and with over 20 years of Wall Street sales experience, where Chad was a lead producer and manager at Evercore, Deutsche Bank, and C.E. Unterberg Towbin. Chad brings deep industry relationship and an experienced understanding of Institutional Investors' equity research and alternative data needs. Chad is in a unique position to add his skill set to the technology and research foundation upon which Aiera was built.

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