Aiera Raises Capital To Fund Live Audio Innovations

Citi, Franklin Templeton, and Fin Venture Capital lead investment. Plus, new Tonal Sentiment.

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Aiera is announcing the close of a strategic round with the support of Citi, Franklin Templeton, and Fin Venture Capital in addition to a strategic partnership with Helios, a tonal analytics firm.

New York, NY - August 18, 2021 | The ability to pause, rewind, and listen again during live earnings calls was never possible before Aiera, the only LIVE event monitoring & financial search platform covering all available Wall Street events. At the heart of this audio innovation is Aiera’s proprietary event connection workflow, which has paved the way for the largest library of live investor events anywhere in the world. 


“Aiera continues to push the envelope in event access and monitoring,” according to Margaret King, Franklin Templeton’s VP of Fintech Partnerships and Strategic Investments, “and Franklin Templeton, along with Aiera’s other investors, is pleased to support this important area of innovation.” 

“Advanced research tooling is mission critical to the success of investment teams and corporate functions,” says Fin Venture Capital’s General Managing Partner and Founder, Logan Allin, “and we are thrilled by Aiera’s success in raising the bar on quality and accessibility across event management and research.”


Tone of voice is nearly 40% of an entire spoken message, as we know from social psychology and neuroscience literature. Understanding how something is said when one is speaking can be as important as the textual content itself. With Helios, the new combined tonal sentiment scoring is in addition to the many features users of Aiera have already come to expect, such as textually derived topic monitoring, speech-to-text transcription, one-click event access, collaboration & research platform tooling, and much more. 

According to Ken Sena, CEO of Aiera, “The incorporation of analysis into human interactivity and the subtleties of voice is a natural evolution for Aiera, and it builds on the live audio controls and event access services we currently provide our users.”

Helios CEO Sean Austin explains, “with Aiera, we will be leveraging tonal sentiment at the sentence level to understand when the voice sounds incongruent with the words. This allows scaled outlier detection in the growing universe of Aiera audio.”

About Aiera

Aiera is the only LIVE event monitoring & financial search platform covering all available Wall Street events, providing real-time transcription, one-click audio, DVR-style live audio controls, smart document search, dynamic alerts, and seamless team collaboration via bookmarks and note taking. Aiera covers over 40,000 earnings calls, investor events, and conferences annually (with a 95%+ live connection rate), spanning more than 10,000 global equities; all accessible via desktop, mobile app, API, and iFrame. 

About Helios

Helios Life Enterprises, inc. provides advanced tonal analytics for quantitative hedge funds. This audio AI allows particular nuances of speech to be translated into valuable data for trading decisions. Systematic methods have long sought the ability to incorporate tonal characteristics into appropriate machine learning models. By pairing Aiera's audio intelligence platform and topic/audio controls with Helios' tonal sentiment score (-5 to 5), the value for traders is unlocked. Never before have these data feeds been available simultaneously for firms to utilize.